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· The next BBB is 15th March, the third Sunday of the month.

· Limited edition t-shirts I ♥ BBB - 20 years on sale for just £5 at the organisers table

· The first 25 people get in for half price.

· Admission is just £6.00 until 5pm. Doors open at 11:00am.

· There's no dress code for BBB, but the theme for March is "Mad Max". Please note that you can wear whatever you want (as long as your bits are covered).

· Meet and Greet in club foyer at 12:30pm with Kitty and Waggle.

· The demo this month is "Caning with Lady Pandora" and will begin at 1.30pm on the top floor.

· The cafe is open and will be serving hot food from 11am until 4pm. Tea and coffee will be available at the bar.

· Disabled friendly lift & disabled toilets on the premises.

· There is a cashpoint in the club foyer or at Tescos one street up from the club.

· There are several car parks close by. There is secure covered parking at the Arcadian. Another two are within a 1-2 block radius.

· AFTERMATH Hosted by Mammon kicks off at 5:00pm immediately following the BBB (fetish dress or smart black). Hottest ticket in town! £10 before 3pm or £12 on the door.

· The Klinik Medical suite with MG will be on hand at Aftermath.

· Master Bates and the Electric Play equipment will be on hand at the After-party for you to have go.

· List of hotels in and around Birmingham.

· If there are any changes you can read them on the day of the event on Fetlife, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

And if you are looking for something to wear to the Fetish Dress Afterparty Aftermath check out one of the numerous fetish clothing stalls we have on hand at The BBB

There is awesome dungeon furniture at Aftermath for you and yours to play with! So get yourself over to the Nightingale Club. Doors open at 11:00am for the Bazaar (the cost is just £6 to enter). Then 5pm to 10pm at £12 each for the After Party, but if you buy your ticket before 3pm the cost is £10.

Reviews of the BBB and Aftermath

We are going to share with you some of the reviews we have had on Fetlife's Birmingham Bizarre Group. These reviews have been edited to remove peoples personal names. If you would like to read the comments in their entirety then please check out Fetlife's BBB group.

"What a cracking night that was - great atmosphere around, lovely people and outfits. And the oohs, ahhhs and words to that effect coming from the play area were fun to hear, with maybe a few lower keyed squeals of my own thrown in lol."

"I would like to add my thanks to everyone at the BBB. It was my first one and after 2 years of trying to get to it I wasn't disappointed..."

"As always the BBB is a great event, a fantastic demo and great to mingle with friends old and very old oops I mean new. The afterparty wow new furniture and an awesome atmosphere."

"Fabulous BBB and demo as always. Great fun seeing @xxx light up in all the right places. ..xx"

"Dxxx and I had an awesome time at the BBB, as we always do. I meet up with more friends during that 6 hours than I do in the whole of the rest of the month put together! We really enjoyed ourselves."

"Aftermath had a real buzz to it too. In 11 years of attending the BBB after parties, I don't think I have ever seen it so busy from beginning to end. The new equipment is awesome, particularly the cage. ...It all seems very well made and it was put to good use. The only thing missing from our perspective was a flat bed. I think that All Naughty Fun for You have done an amazing job to build so much high quality, well designed equipment in such a short time. We look forward to seeing you all next month."

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