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Demos and Workshops

BBB wax play demo

We've been running demonstrations at the BBB since the very beginning. In fact, the BBB was the first UK fetish event to offer free monthly demonstrations.

During the years which we have been running, we have widened the definition of demonstrations to include workshops and discussions, and our unique performances. Subjects for demonstration and/or discussion have included technical and practical information on bondage, flogging, single-tails, electrical play, fire-play, wax-play, pony play, scene etiquette, role-play, and many others.

We have been fortunate to have had presentations by some of the UK's foremost experts in their craft, and we have also welcomed visiting demonstrations from the USA and the Netherlands. These demonstrations have proved to be invaluable for new-comers to the BDSM scene, but have also been appreciated by experienced players who can recognise that learning never stops, and that there are always new twists to some of the oldest games.

However, the "jewel in the crown" of the BBB over the years has been in the performance area. In December 1999 we presented (to a rapturous and appreciative audience) the world’s first ever BDSM pantomime, "Sinderella and the Magic Butt-Plug". A month later we presented the first of our (now) annual Fetish Fashion shows, reclaiming fetish fashion back from the "body police", and showing that ordinary people can look fantastic in fetish clothes.

Each year we have had Fantasy and Role-Play performances that have included electric-play light shows and spectacular fire-shows. In December 2004 we presented (again, to a rapturous and appreciative audience) "My Fair Subbie", the world's first BDSM musical.

The demos are organised by Keith, but with the active participation of a huge number of other people. If you'd like to be one of those people get in touch with him.

December 2017 A Festive "Ready... Steady... Top!"

As regular attendees at the BBB demos will know, although we are serious about BDSM, it doesn't mean we always take our BDSM seriously!

So, on Sunday 17th December at the BBB we bring three long standing and respected dominants to the BBB performance area and test their imaginations and creativity in "Ready... Steady... Top!".

Loosely based on the television programme "It shouldn't happen to a vet", "Ready... Steady... Top!" challenges three scene dominants to create a scene using only the Christmas items their allocated bottom has brought for them.

They have no idea who their bottom will be nor what items the bottom will bring. What will these stalwarts of the scene come up with? Will the bottoms defeat the Tops? Will our chosen dominants be able to rise to the challenge? Do we care? Probably not, we just want to see them put on the spot!

Free as part of your entry to the BBB (what a bargain!). On the top floor from 1.30pm. Wheelchair accessible.