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Winners of the BBB Best Dressed Awards 2018

The top 3 winners of this years "Best Fetish Dressed" took home close to £1,200 in merchandise. And the winners are: #drumroll

Aftermath @ The BBB

First prize valued at £640

The BBB @ The Nightingale

Second prize valued at £320

The Freakers Ball @ Xtasia
Achelois & MasterN1993

Third prize valued at £170

Judges were Adam from the Nightingale and the lady with the hat whose real name I know, but whose Fetlife name I've completely forgotten - sorry :(

My thanks to the following for taking part and representing various events, and who all got a 20% discount voucher from Kinky Monkey.

Duke the Doberman ~ representing All 4s @ Xtasia
TallDarkBroad & Ms_Tw1sted ~ representing The New Years Decadent Ball @ Fallen Angels
Joy DeVivre & BlankPage ~ representing The Zombie Apocalypse @ Retribution @ The Fantasy Den
Waggle & QT ~ representing Big John's Random Parties @ The Facility
Rupert Bare ~ representing Tara Red's Sensational Spanking Parties
Tru ~ representing Club Dominion @ The Facility
Bodguard, Ms Ivy and Lola Louise ~ representing Impulsion @ The Facility

Thanks also to Tara Red for her poking and prodding of organisers to get their events to take part, and who did an amazing backstage job of getting everyone organised and on the catwalk on time and in the right order. To Earthmom and Aychee for getting over £1,100 worth of prizes from very generous stallholders. To Domevents for music selection.