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Winners of the BBB Best Dressed Awards 2016

This year's winners are:

Cirque de Chaos @ Xtasia
She's Got My Pistol

First prize

Retribution @ Retribution
Ms. Ivy & Fairy Dancer

Second prize

The Freakers Ball @ Xtasia
Master Xavier & Tennessee

Third prize

They received cash vouchers totalling over £1,400 to purchase the items of their choice from the BBB and the BBB traders, Midlands clubs Xtasia and The Facility.

Thank you to each and everyone of our sponsors for their support.

Here is a list of traders and clubs that provided the great prizes:

Venator Customs
Intimate Torment
Leni's Atelier
Lady Sea
Scarlet in Chains
Kinky Monkey
The Facility
The Bondage Man
Lady K's

To all of you who came and showed your support of the Midlands Scene a big thank you! Without you there wouldn't be a fetish scene. The BBB will continue to pick one "best fetish dressed of the day" once a month during the bazaar. This gives you a chance to get your kink on and win a prize at the same time! Prizes will be announced monthly. As for the best dressed of the year 2017, check back in October when details of clubs participating will be available.