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FAQs about the BBB

How did it get started?

Dave and Barb started the BBB on 16 September 1999 because there wasn't anything happening scene-wise in the Midlands. So they thought they would try and make something happen.

Where does it take place?

The Bazaar is held at the Nightingale Club on Kent Street in the city centre just 5 minutes walk from New Street Station. It is held in a night club that we rent for the day. There are three floors, two floors of stall holders, a self-contained restaurant on the first floor, two bars, a cloak room, and a disabled lift. The demo/workshops are held on the top floor.

Who comes to the BBB?

There are over 30 stall holders with 600-700 people through the doors on the day. We get people from all over the UK, Europe and America. Every type of person you can think of attends; males, females, gay, straight, TV, TS, swingers, married, single. It is open to all fetishes and genders as long as you are over 18 years old.

What is the dress code?

People wear everything from jeans and trainers to full body rubber gear, PVC, tape and leather chaps. A business suit to lingerie, oh and yes uniforms. The outfits are all encompassing. Wear what you are comfortable in, as long as no birthday suits.

What will I see? What's the atmosphere like?

You may see some people being led around on a lead, you may see a couple that looks like your gran and your grandad coming from Sunday lunch, or you may see a gorgeous 6 foot blonde off the cover of a magazine. The atmosphere is very friendly; people are smiling and just having a good time. From the feedback we have had, people that delay coming because of nervousness are kicking themselves because they didn't attend sooner.

What are the demos?

The demos are always informative and entertaining trying to cover topics that people have questions about. They are every month at 1.30pm and run for 45 minutes. They are always held on the top floor except for January when Keith runs the 'Annual Fetish Fashion Show' which is on the ground floor. The demos and workshops are of such high quality that they have set the standard for demonstrations in the UK. Keith is a lifestyle Dom who helps educate people new to the scene, and we are very lucky to have had him as the Demo Organiser since 1999. Helping Keith is Terry from Events who makes sure the music and lighting for the demos and fashion show are brilliant, month in month out.

What's for sale?

Everything from handcrafted leather, to adult baby clothing. There's rubber garments, leather clothing, corsets, jewellery, medical fetish gear, restraints, and all sorts of accessories. If it is of an adult nature and a bit alternative then you will probably find it at the BBB or know someone that can point you in the right direction.

Is it just for the serious fetishist?

No, it's not. It is brilliant for the curious and first timers! But there are serious fetishists that arrange their holidays around the BBB and have never missed one!

I'm interested in trading at the BBB. How do I book a stall?

It's really easy! Just download the booking form and apply.

Is it couples-oriented?

No, the BBB is for everyone. However, it would be a very useful place for you to take your partner to try and get them to understand your fetish because it is very relaxed atmosphere.

How important is the social aspect?

It is a social event like no other! There is a back garden to sit and chat. There's also seating in the restaurant on the first floor and on the ground floor near the bar. People sit and chat in the restaurant, outside, upstairs... it is a great day out!

Is it a good place to meet a potential partner?

You could meet a potential partner there, but we ask people not to come to the BBB for only that reason. If you are coming alone we suggest you introduce yourself to the Meeters and Greeters and start networking. Enjoy the atmosphere, make some friends. That partner just may be part of the group. :-)

Are all the stalls selling goods, or are there any service providers?

All the stalls are sellers of goods. However, once again we suggest you get networking. People in the scene know where and how a professional Dominatrix could be contacted. Attending events such as munches and fairs is the best way to find a Dom/sub or a play partner.

Why is the BBB on a Sunday afternoon?

Sunday is traditionally the day for alternative markets in England and it seemed to be the best time to be able to rent a nightclub.

Is it just for people who like BDSM?

No, EVERYONE is welcome! It doesn't matter what your sexual preference or lifestyle is all are welcome. Please attend with an open mind. We expect everyone to respect each other while at the BBB. Intolerance of someone else's lifestyle is not tolerated. Come along, you are guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome at the BBB and Beyond.

FAQs about the After Party

Do I have to pre-book?

You can pay on the door upstairs, or you can buy your ticket from the entrance of the BBB. If you buy your tickets before 3.00pm there is a £2 discount!

What is the dress code for Aftermath?

Smart black or fetishwear. Strictly no jeans or trainers.

What happens at Aftermath?

It's a BDSM social evening where you can practice using all the kit you bought at the BBB. Please note it is not a swingers club.

Do you have house Dommes?

No. We did but we feel that there is enough of a mixture of people coming that if you chat with someone and ask them to play chances are the answer will be yes!

Do I need someone to vouch for me?

No you do not need a referee to obtain entrance, but it does help if you attend the BBB on the day and take advantage of our meet and greet service this way you will know a group of people before you walk in the door of the party.


Once again come along and attend! You don't have to play. You can just watch if that is what you like to do. As long as you don't get too close and don't interrupt people with chatter while they are playing. Wait until they have finished if you have any questions.

See you at the BBB and Aftermath!

If you have any questions you don't see answered here, feel free to email us and we will try to answer as quickly as our schedule permits.