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Aftermath - the new BBB after party

At 5pm when the traders break down their stalls, you find yourself with the BBB buzz and aren't ready to go home. Well not to worry, that buzz is carried over to the top floor where you can continue to share your time with others in the scene.

If you have never been, what are you waiting for? Mammon and the Aftermath team host an exciting party immediately following the BBB on the top floor of the Nightingale. There is a nice selection of furniture and an electrical play space hosted by Master-Bates. Plus a Medical Suite manned by Moist and SundayGirl.

Lighting and music by DomEvents. Plus a dozen experienced players who are on hand for any help you may need.

The furniture for 'Aftermath' was made by one of the BBB regular traders. Andy & Sue from Allnaughtyfunforyou. We invite you to pop in after the BBB and enjoy the atmosphere with us.

About Aftermath

BBB After Party

The BBB After Party 'Aftermath' is always held on 3rd Sunday every month after the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar from 5pm to 10pm (last entry 8.30pm).

Third Floor of the Nightingale Club. Entrance on Kent Street.

Admission £12 on the door (£10 if ticket bought at BBB reception before 3pm).

Dress Code applies.

Aftermath Equipment

Dungeon Equipment
BBB Afterparty Equipment          BBB Afterparty Equipment

The BBB dungeon furniture was designed and carefully chosen with you in mind.

There will always be around a dozen pieces of equipment for you to enjoy and to keep things interesting we will have a different selection each month.

Aftermath Rules

We have listed below a summarised version of Aftermath rules which should answer most questions that you may have. The full version may be downloaded as a Word document here.

· Adults only. Aftermath is a strictly adult only event; no-one under 18 will be admitted. Proof of age may be requested.

· Fetish dress code. Aftermath operates a fetish dress code. Anything rubber, leather, gothic, military, PVC and lingerie is acceptable, as is provocative & erotic clothing or smart wear. Basically, you can wear whatever you want as long as it isn't jeans and trainers.

· Nudity. Is not prohibited, but is only permitted in the play area. No nudity permitted at the bar, outside of the club, or on the balcony.

· Respect. Please show respect to all other people present at the party.

· Players have right of way. Stay out of the way of a scene - if you get hit by the back stroke of a whip etc. it is your fault! Please don't sit on equipment chatting as someone may want to use it to play on. The equipment is there for beating arses not for sitting on.

· No touching! At Aftermath you will encounter people in various states of dress & undress: this is not an invitation to touch them in any way! Touching people without permission will get you physically ejected from the venue. Do not touch people's toys, whips, paddles, etc., that are lying around without finding the owner and asking.

· No sexual acts or penetration. This includes fisting, oral sex acts, anal play and wanking.

· No bodily fluids. This means no blood play, ejaculations, watersports, etc.

· Sharps. Knives and needles are not prohibited, however needle players must remain within the designated area at all times until the needles have been removed.

· No cameras. The BBB has a strict No Camera policy and we are extending this to include Aftermath. This includes any form of digital still or video recording device and mobile phones with that capacity.

· No selling or advertising. You are forbidden to sell any items, services or promote the selling of any items or services at Aftermath.

· Alcohol in the club. There is a fully stocked bar at reasonable prices so please do not bring your own alcohol. Anyone who the organisers consider to be drunk is liable to be ejected.

· Obey staff instructions. If a member of Aftermath or The Nightingale staff asks you to do something, please comply immediately. Please report anything wrong to staff promptly so that we can take steps to deal with the issue.

· Sanctions. The organisers reserve the right to apply sanctions to people who break the club rules which include, but are not confined to, words of advice, ejection without refund, lifetime ban.

If you are not too sure about how you should behave then please read: Etiquette 101: A Not So Polite Version.

Legal Notice - Due to the nature of activities that go on within a BDSM club, Aftermath, The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, The Nightingale and the staff and agents of these organisations cannot accept responsibility for any harm, injury or loss that may occur to individuals whilst on the premises. We will take every reasonable care to ensure that you have a safe evening, but please be aware that you attend and play at your own risk.